Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Supporter Run Over in Satellite Beach

SATELLITE BEACH, FLORIDA--- A disagreement over a political yard sign on Trinidad Drive has left one Satellite Beach woman injured and another facing criminal charges.  The victim, unidentified until SBPD completes their investigation, did not answer her door yesterday when her neighbor (another woman, also unidentified pending investigation) reportedly knocked on her door to discuss the Obama/Biden sign in her yard.  The victim allegedly observed her neighbor removing the sign and riding away on her motorized scooter.  Consequently, the victim came out of her house.  The neighbor rode her scooter around the block, and then returned to the home, throwing the sign at the victim's feet.  A heated conversation ensued, at which point the neighbor allegedly hit the throttle and ran the woman over in her doorway, resulting in cuts, bruises and tire tread marks.  The alleged perpetrator then told the woman "you're okay" and left the premises on her scooter.  The victim called 911 and was able to identify the neighbor's house based on the fact that she had seen the scooter for sale on the driveway for several weeks.

Although the investigation is still pending and the Police Report is not yet released, Brevard Times has learned that the woman will likely face charges of battery and theft.  She has already received a citation for leaving the scene of an accident.  


  1. makes me so proud to be a local resident... old people on their Jazzy, such bullies.

  2. As the alleged victim, I would like to correct the information given that I was run over following a "heated" discussion. Oh, and that this female was a neighbor. I did not and do not know this person, nor do they live particularly close. I had 2 Obama signs, 1 by the sidewalk should anyone feel compelled to borrow. And 1 up by my door. This person chose to come to my door & ring the bell twice. I came, but she was already hitting the road w/sign from by the door. I sat on the ground. Then she comes up my driveway, stops 10 inches from me without turning the machine off. Yes, she threw the sign on the ground. She says I just want to know why you are voting for HIM!? I say, stop, please leave my driveway, just please leave. Does that sound heated to you? Next thing I know, the motorbike is riding up my left leg knocking me to the ground on the right. To get it off me, she does not shut it off. She does not tell me I am OK. She backs up, gathers herself, and..........leaves me there. She inserted herself into my morning onto my Satellite Beach home. So please do not make this out to be 2 quarrelsome neighbors.

  3. The neighbor with the bike should definitely go to jail.

  4. You go, girl.

    In sports, that's called, "Taking one for the team."

    Good result later that same day too. : ]

    Hope you weren't hurt too badly...

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