Monday, October 29, 2012

Bill Nye the Science Guy Campaigns For Obama in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, FL--- Bill Nye visited with Obama supporters and press at the University Boulevard entrance of the Florida Institute of Technology today.  The event was originally planned to occur directly outside of  the Clemente Center, where Paul Ryan was scheduled to appear for an afternoon rally, but FIT officials asked Nye to hold his event further away.  The Paul Ryan event was canceled as a result of campaign schedule changes due to Hurricane Sandy.

Approximately thirty supporters hoisted Obama signs and listened to Nye outline his misgivings about the Romney/Ryan budget proposals.  Nye described Romney's proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and student loan programs.  He also stated that the current presidential campaign presents "a weird irony" in which Democrats are advocating a "cost-effective approach of involving private investment" in space exploration, while Republicans embrace more government spending to fund those space endeavors.


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